Night of the Scarecrows – Steam Key Giveaway

Night of the Scarecrows is a hardcore first person horror arena shooter where you’re doing well if you manage to stay alive for more than a couple of minutes as you’re swarmed by bloodthirsty scarecrows.

Feeling a little like you’ve stepped into a cult VHS horror movie from the 80s/90s, Night of the Scarecrows is a hardcore arena shooter that tests your your shooting skills in three different game modes as you fend off hordes of scarecrows. The tree modes in the game are Quick Death, Barn Massacre and Gas Tower Defense.

The Quick Death mode arms you with a M79-esque single shot grenade launcher which you earn more ammo for by killing increasingly large numbers of zombies. This means you have to wait until there are a few of them in a group before you take your shot. It’s very easy for you to get fragged by the blast too so you need to keep your distance. If you’re feeling particularly brave you can also collect fuel to power a combine harvester-esque machine that rips any scarecrows that walk into it to shreds.

The Barn Massacre mode equips you with random weapons in a barn and tasks you with surviving as long as possible against the scarecrow hordes. It also has a fuel-powered combine blade and there’s rumor of a scarecrow king who you’ll face off if you last that long.

Finally, there’s the Gas Tower Defense mode which equips you with a random sniper rifle and tasks you with taking out scarecrows as they try to attack a Mother Mary. Some scarecrows may come for you though so you need to keep your guard up.

Night of the Scarecrows does have a few rough edges, particularly some of the guns in Quick Death don’t feel great to fire. It is a fun and addictive game though that’s perfect for a quick hit of run n gun horror fun.

Night of the Scarecrows is still in development, though the dev recently took it out of Early Access as he wasn’t sure when he’d be able to get back to developing it again due to the current pandemic. We have 50 Steam keys to give away for it. To claim your key simply carry out any three actions in the widget below and the key will appear instantly.

Night of the Scarecrows – Steam Key Giveaway!

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