Nighthawks – Kickstarter Demo

Nighthawks features a stylish fusion of hand drawn visual novel aesthetics and RPG gameplay where you are a vampire trying to get by in a modern world where the existence of vampires has been exposed.

You’ve been a vampire for three months now and life (or death) isn’t going particularly well for you – you’re broke, starving and holed up in a grimy motel room. You do have an ally though – a vampire stage magician known as Madame Lux, and you’ll befriend other outcasts along the way as you work your way up from the gutter. Your companions will fight by your side and if you help them handle their demons, they’ll help you with yours.

The Nighthawks Kickstarter demo build features a 10 minute vertical slice of the game and plays much like a visual novel, but with a lot more choices and interaction. The full game will feature more RPG elements, but it’s a good taster of things to come, with witty writing, good voice work, interesting characters, high quality artwork and lots of chances to shape your own story. Well worth checking out for a well crafted modern day vampyric adventure you can really sink your teeth into.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Ckeck Out The Kickstarter and Download The Demo Here (Windows)