Nightkeep – Alpha Demo

Nightkeep is a stylish SNES-era inspired action platforming metroidvania in which two sisters embark on a dark fairy tale adventure that unravels the mystery of how a mad King made his whole kingdom disappear.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Castlevania: SOTN, Breath of Fire, Final Fantasy and Dragon’s Quest, Nightkeep sees two huntresses who are sent by their guild to help out at Nightkeep Village – a place that’s been overrun by flying monsters. As you delve deeper into the mystery of where the monsters are coming from you’ll unravel the mystery of a mad King who made his entire kingdom vanish without a trace.

The current Alpha Demo build of Nightkeep features a large, sprawling game world with lots to discover as you slice your way through a variety of monsters, rare monsters and two big boss fights. The Boss fights are tough, but the rare monster fights are tougher and will drop some cool loot if you manage to beat them. If you encounter a rare monster in the game you only get one shot at defeating it though, so they’re best left alone until you’re ready.

It’s a tough game, especially as your swing radius is limited to a short stabbing motion initially, but once you level up a bit and collect your first weapon upgrade things get a little easier. You only need to defeat one boss to be able to complete the demo but the game allows you to continue playing afterwards, which is worth doing as there’s lots to discover.

Even in these early stages of development Nightkeep is a very impressive game, with an intriguing narrative, quirky characters, excellent pixel art animation, great world design and challenging open world action platforming gameplay. An epic old school metroidvania with a diverse game world that’s a joy to explore.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Check Out The Kickstarter & Download The Nightkeep Alpha Demo Here (Windows)