Nightmare Drive – Game Jam Build

Nightmare Drive is a spooky little top-down racing game where you attempt to avoid coming into contact with up to 50 of your recorded ghost laps.

In Nightmare Drive you’re not racing against a timer or other cars, you’re racing against yourself (literally), as you attempt to navigate the track without hitting any of your previous recorded ghosts. Things start off simply with an empty track and multiple short-cuts, but each lap you complete adds another ghost car to the track which follows the exact path that you took on that lap.

Rather than racing for a position, the goal in Nightmare Drive is to make it around the track 50 times without losing all your lives. You start with 6 lives, but they’ll soon be eaten up as the track fills up with your ghosts.

It’s an addictive little game that really impresses with its spooky atmosphere and unique gameplay where you are literally your worst enemy. It can be hard to avoid those cars when they all drive as erratically as you do!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Nightmare Drive Here (Windows & Mac)