Nightmare Frames – Beta Demo

Nightmare Frames is an old school pixel art point and click adventure that follows a frustrated horror movie scriptwriter as he goes in search of the scariest film of all time.

Taking place in Hollywood in the mid 80’s, Nightmare Frames is a pixel art point and click adventure where fictional horror and real horror collide. In the game you follow the story of Alan Goldberg – a reasonably successful slasher movie scriptwriter who wants to break out of the genre and pursue more substantial movies. However, after the mysterious death of a key ally in the business, he plunges down a dark path in search of answers, and in search of a mythical unreleased movie that’s said to be the scariest film ever made.

The current build of Nightmare Frames serves as a prologue to the full game and does a great job of introducing you to Alan and the rather cynical 80’s Hollywood he lives in. There are lots of interesting characters to meet (even the taxi drivers who take you from location to location) and all of the dialogue is very well written. The retro pixel art visuals are packed full of great little details and the synthwave soundtrack is fantastic. The only issue at the moment is that the disgruntled scriptwriting protagonist isn’t particularly likeable, but hopefully players will warm to him as the story progresses.

Download The Nightmare Frames Beta Demo Here (Windows)