Nightmare of Decay – Alpha Demo

Nightmare of Decay is a Resident Evil inspired first person survival horror adventure where you go to your bed in your home and awaken buried in the garden of a creepy old mansion.

In Nightmare of Decay you follow the adventure of a young man who has been having nightmares and visions lately. According to reports on the news there seems to be a lot of it going around, often accompanied by mysterious disappearances. Now after having a little snack and going to bed you awaken in a coffin carried on the grounds of a zombie infested estate. You now need to search for some answers, solve clues, blast monsters and attempt to make your escape.

It could do with a little balancing (more powerful handgun, less ammunition and perhaps inventory management and a run/dodge button), but aside from that there’s a lot to like about Nightmare of Decay. The retro styled visuals work well, the shotgun feels great, there are some fun puzzles and there’s a good amount of weird things going on in the mansion that don’t just involve zombies. It’s even got a talking cat. What more could you want?

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Nightmare of Decay Alpha Demo Here (Steam)