Night’s End – Game Jam build

Night’s End is a beautifully animated narrative driven arcade shooter where you attempt to protect an innocent child from hordes of monsters, but you must also drain its energy to give you power.

In Night’s End you control a witch who has been left to take care of a special child after its parents were killed. Now the monstrous hordes are coming for the child and you must use your witchy powers to protect it.

You have some fairly weak powers that allow you to hurl fireballs, fly, teleport and knock back the hordes, but to really bring the fight you’ll have to drain energy from the child. Draining energy from the child increases the power of your attacks significantly but it also weakens the child – drain energy too often and the child will die.

It’s a great little game with high quality pixel art, an interesting narrative and a great premise. The “draining energy from the child you’re trying to protect” mechanic is ultimately a little shallow, but it’s a great concept that could be expanded on in interesting ways.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Night’s End Here (Windows, Mac & Browser)