Ninza – Beta Sign Up

Ninza is a beautifully animated multiplayer fighting game where you attempt to crush your opponents with pieces of the game world.

In Ninza up to four players (or bots) face off in horizontal scrolling arenas that are made up of different types of blocks. Unlike most platform fighting games though, you don’t kill your opponents by hitting them, you kill them by hitting them with the blocks that make up the environment.

There are four different types of block that make up Ninza‘s battlegrounds – immovable earth blocks, grass blocks which can be punched far across the screen, water blocks which rebound and move slowly and lava blocks that explode and fling projectiles in four directions. You need to hit the blocks in such a way that they either crush your opponents or propel them out of the arena

The current Beta build of Ninza features three playable characters, local 2v2, Deathmatch and Last Man Standing modes, each of which allows 2-4 players or bots to fight to the death. Matches are fast paced and a whole lot of fun, even against bots (which is no mean feat), with you attempting to hit blocks in vaguely the right direction while avoiding being splatted yourself. Each character has their own strengths, but the default character (Tobias) is the most fun to play as because he’s nimble and delivers a very satisfying whack to the blocks when he hits them.

Ninza really feels like it’s about to bring something special and unique to the platform fighter genre. Matches are fast paced and delightfully chaotic, with novel block-whacking combat and a constant feeling of peril from start to finish. The artwork is fantastic too, helping to bring the blocky world to life and give your fighters plenty of character. A beautiful and brilliant block bashing brawler. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

To download the Ninza Beta join the official Discord group then complete the welcome ritual in the #Welcome-Ritual channel, which involves stating 1) Your Totem Animal, 2) Your Country and 3) Some Sacrificial Emotes (check pinned messages for info). Once you’ve completed the ritual, you’ll have access to the #ninza-bata channel where you can download the Beta and bet the Beta key code to unlock it.