Nioh – Alpha Demo (PS4)

nioh game

Nioh is a great looking PS4 exclusive samurai action RPG from Team Ninja (creators of Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden) in which you play a lone swordsman battling demons and supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore.

It’s an excellent looking game, with impressive enemy design, stylish visuals, spectacular special moves and huge bosses. In the game players will do battle with powerful supernatural creatures and skilled samurai in intense, multi-target engagements which look set play like a blend of Ninja Gaiden, Dark Souls and Ominusha – which can be no bad thing.

Nioh was originally planned for release way back in 2006, around about the time the PS 3 war launched, so it’s had a pretty troubled development, but the latest footage looks excellent so hopefully it will pay off. The Nioh Alpha Demo will be available to download from April 26th to May 5th, and anyone who completes a stage in it will unlock the special ‘Mark of the Conqueror’ DLC when the game is released. So download it now from the PSN store for some spectacular samurai action.

You Can Find More Info About The Nioh Alpha Demo Here