Nioh – Beta Demo (PS4)

nioh game

Nioh is a very cool PS4 exclusive blend of Dark Souls-esque gameplay and supernatural samurai action inspired by Japanese folklore that we first featured back in April during the Alpha Demo.  The new build adds gameplay improvements and a whole new stage that will allow players to unlock more content in the full game.

Being created by Team Ninja (Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden), Nioh puts you in control of a lone swordsman who must battle demons and supernatural creatures inspired by Japanese folklore.  The new Beta Demo is available until September the sixth and includes the section from the old build (Isle of Demons) and a whole new stage called ‘Deep in Shadows’.  As in the Alpha Demo build, if you complete the stages you’ll unlock unique content in the full game (complete Isle of Demons to unlock The Mark of the Conquerer and complete Deep in the Shadows to unlock The Mark of the Warrior).

If you’re a fan of the Dark Souls or Ominusha games you’ll definitely want to be be wanting to get in on Nioh upon release – so check out the Beta Demo now for some superb samurai action and some cool unlocks for the full game!

Note:  at time of writing the Beta Demo is only available in Europe and Australia, we expect the Beta Demo to go live across NA later today though.

Download The Nioh Beta Via The PSN Store