NipNip – Alpha Demo


NipNip is a super tough retro platformer with gorgeous pixel art visuals and challenging precision platforming that draws inspiration from the early Super Mario Brothers games.

The gameplay in NipNip is very similar to the first and third Super Mario Brothers games (in a good way) featuring some punishingly tough precision platforming, charming character design and plenty of hidden secrets.  There are some differences – you can double jump and dash – but on the whole it feels a lot like a Mario game (especially the ‘borrowed’ sfx), which is a very good thing indeed.

The Alpha Demo features three super tough levels and one deadly boss fight.  The bright, bold character design, inventive world design, beautiful pixel art animation and fiendishly challenging gameplay make NipNip a fantastic old school platformer.  Not even Nintendo makes 2D Mario games like as well as they used to, but NipNip comes very very close.

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available