Nira – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

We have 3,000 Steam Beta keys to giveaway for Nira, a fast paced pixel art survival-exploration game where you gather, build and craft by day, then defend yourself from dangerous creatures at night.

Playing a little like a blend of Don’t Starve and Minecraft, Nira is a sandbox survival game where you explore, build and fight in a vibrant pixel art open world world. In the game you can explore the vast procedurally generated world, full of resources, animals and hordes or nasty creatures that come out at night.

During the day you can build a base, farm crops, cook meals, tame animals, craft equipment, sail boats, fly planes and ride alpacas, among other things. However, when night falls, the monsters come out, such as skeletons, goblins and ogres. You need to fight them off with the various melee weapons and guns you craft, and survive until daybreak.

It’s a fun take on the survival genre, with fast-paced gameplay, beautiful pixel art animation and lots to discover and craft out in the world. The Nira Beta will run until March 15th. To claim a key just carry out any three actions in the giveaway widget below and the key will appear instantly (mobile users may have to click on the “Nira Steam Beta Key Giveaway” link below to show the giveaway widget).

NIRA – Steam Beta Key Giveaway!