Nirvana Noir – Beta Demo

Nirvana Noir is a stylish and surreal narrative-driven adventure set where you attempt to save two very different parallel realities.

The story of Nirvana Noir follows on from the events of Genesis Noir and explores two different realities – one called where No Man prevented the death of his lover and one where he stopped the affair before the fatal gunshot. One reality is called Black Rapture, which has a similar aesthetic as the Genesis Noir and sees you trying to fix a clock tower while arsons break out across the city. The other is Constant Testament – a jazzy and colorful reality where you investigate a drug ring at the behest of the police.

The Nirvana Noir demo features one level from each reality and it makes for a wonderful fusion of jazz, surreal animation and clever puzzle design. There’s lots to discover as you explore, chat to other characters and interview witnesses. The animation is superb throughout and when combined with the soundtrack it makes for a wonderful neo-noir psychedelic experience.

Download The Nirvana Noir Beta Demo Here (Steam)