Nitronic Rush – Prototype Download

Nitronic Rush

Nitronic Rush is an arcade survival driving game that features TRON-like neon visuals, excellent music and fantastic stunts in a car that can barrel roll, shunt, fly, drive upside down (basically defy the laws of physics in a variety of fun ways).

It’s the prototype for Distance, a game which you can purchase in Beta now and was developed by a group of university students at DigiPen.   In Nitronic Rush you’re not racing against the players, you’re racing against the fiendishly designed tracks, using your full arsenal of tricks to reach the finish line in one piece.  The tracks can get pretty hard, but they’re consistently fun and well crafted.

As wells the main story mode, there are also challenge levels and stunt levels, featuring online leaderboards and player ghosts to race against.  Nitronic Rush is a stylish, unique, highly polished, adrenaline filled arcade racing game that’s better than a lot of other ‘AAA’ racers.  The fact that it’s available for free is ridiculous.  Download it now, then check out the Distance Beta for more gravity defying, super stylish racing.

Purchase the Distance Beta HERE

Download Nitronic Rush HERE