NIX – Student Game

NIX is a third person Sci-Fi stealth adventure where you use your ability to flip between three different time periods to stop your planet from being invaded and turned into a high security prison.

Created by students of ISART Digital, NIX puts you in control of a time travelling alien whose planet has been colonized by invaders and your people have been locked up in high security cells. You have no weapons to use against the invaders but you have the ability to switch between three unique time zones – the past, present and future.

The time zones you switch between are all significantly different. The past shows your Giger-esque biomechanical homeworld before the invaders arrived. The present is a futuristic prison patrolled by guards and the future shows the whole place in ruins and patrolled by robot drones.

The actual stealth gameplay of NIX is a little hit or miss as it’s often hard to figure out whether there is going to be an enemy in the time period you switch to (often leading to your imminent demise). The visuals and environmental storytelling are superb though, with the differences between the three time zones helping to paint a picture of what has happened on your planet.

Download NIX Here (Windows)