Njorbs – Student Project Game

Njorbs is a high speed bug racing game with an innovative control scheme that feels a little like Sonic, but with a cool grappling hook ability that allows you to swing around corners.

In Njorbs you control nimble little bugs as they hurtles around twisty WipEout-esque futuristic gravity defying tracks. The little bugs are very agile and responsive, with a running, jumping and rolling control scheme that feels a lot like what a Sonic game would be like if 3D Sonic games were any good.

Your bug can run pretty fast normally, but if you tuck into a ball when going downhill then you can really pick up some speed – particularly if you hit any of the boost pads littered around the track. You’ll lose speed if you roll uphill though so you need to switch between walking and rolling depending on the incline of the track. A particular highlight is the way you can use a grappling hook to latch on to certain points as you go around tight corners – swinging you around in the process.

With only one level to race around in a time attack, the current build of Njorbs feels like a prototype for what could be a much bigger game. The core gameplay is a delight, with fast, fun racing and enough depth to reward skilled racers. The Sonic All-Stars Racing games are good, but Njorbs feels like what a real on-foot Sonic racing game could be. The grappling mechanic is a masterstroke too, with you having to restrain yourself from squealing “Weeeeeeeeeee” as you swing around every corner! A great little grapple n’ roll racer well worth taking for a spin.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Njorbs Here (Windows – Control Pad Required)

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