NNC News, with Tom Vandercar – Game Jam Build

NNC News with tom Vandercar

NNC News, with Tom Vandercar, a super funny News game about censorship in the media made for the #ResistJam, sees you censoring the news real before Tom reads it out!

You are in charge of editing the news prompt before Tom reads it live on TV. This news has been typed up ahead of time, covering events that are important to the people who watch the news, however, you have been given a short list of banned words to replace before he reads it. These words are always buzzwords, having to deal with a huge event that went on that week. The most words you may have to replace in one day is 6, but some of the words from a previous week may carry over to a new week.

If you fail to replace these words before they are read, you will lose funding for the news channel. If you mess up too much, the news channel will be unable to continue, so all of your jobs are at risk! When you go about replacing the words in the news prompt, you must click on them then choose from three options. These three options range from being somewhat accurate to just plain bizarre, and it seems Tom is from the Ron Burgundy school of news presentation – meaning he’ll read anything you put up on the teleprompter!

The voice acting in NNC News, with Tom Vandercar really makes the game feel polished and fun to play. Tom Vandercar reads these bizarre replacements sometimes in a very serious voice, other times with question in his tone. Listening to him read the words you have placed into the news is super funny, even as you are skimming the prompt looking for more banned words to replace.

Taking around 15 minutes to complete, it’s a wonderfully satirical swipe at there ‘post truth’ times.  A fabulously funny little game in which you make the fake news.

Note: Full Screen Recommended (Click the Icon in the Bottom Right of the Screen)

Play NNC News, with Tom Vandercar Here (Browser & Win)

2 thoughts on “NNC News, with Tom Vandercar – Game Jam Build”

  1. Entertaining! It can be easy to cheat the game by click-spamming the teleprompter, but I’m unsure if that really needs to be fixed. Great game!

  2. This game had me in stitches! I really hope you consider expanding on this concept and making a larger or fuller game in future with this. I really enjoyed it!

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