No Body – Kickstarter Demo

No Body is a surreal turn-based RPG adventure with horror elements, about an anime-loving boy who’s haunted by a menacing presence.

Drawing inspiration from Undertale, Silent Hill and Twin Peaks, No Body follows the story of a boy called Clownface who enters a bizarre reality called the WELL. You’re accompanied by four oddball friends called The Witch, Marked, Angel and TOB-13 (they do all have normal names too but there are their chosen gaming personas). There are also parallel stories in different realities going on too, but Clownface’s appears to be the main one.

The combat in No Body behaves similarly to traditional turn-based RPGs (Attack, Defend, Special, etc.), but you do have access to another type of action – Sense. Using Sense can not only allow you to learn more about your enemy, but can also allow you to exploit weaknesses (usually in a funny way).

The current playtest build features a sizeable chunk of content and really impresses with its fun combat, clever humor and interesting characters. The enemies you do battle with are very unique (and a little horrifying) and you can end up dealing with them in some very unexpected ways. Highly recommended.

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To get access to the No Body Demo join the official Discord group and type ”kickstarter” in the #demo-access channel.