No Credit, No Problem – Game Jam Build

no credit no problem

No Credit, No Problem is a short experience inspired by Papers, Please in which you spend a day working for a Title Loan Agent, accepting and declining applicants and charging extortionate amounts of interest.

Throughout the day you must process 10 applicants, scrutinising their application details for any errors and irregularities.  You have five rules that you must abide by when granting loans:  Applicants must be over 18, they must have valid ID, the ID must match the name on the title, the car must be worth more than the loan and they must have an income of more than $1000 a month.

Created for the Ludum 33 game jam, is a fun 10 minute game with charming pixel art visuals and a wry sense of humor.  It can be quite tricky spotting the irregularities so you’ll have to be vigilant if you want to be a good loan agent (and a bad person!)

Play No Credit, No Problem in a Unity Supported Browser HERE