No Delivery – Alpha Demo

No Delivery is a creepy RPG horror adventure set in a haunted pizza parlour where employees are expendable and straying too far can mean you won’t live long enough to clock out.

In No Delivery you take on the role of a randomly selected employee who works the nightshift at a haunted pizzeria. You need to explore, clean up and survive until the end of shift – which is easier said than done as the pizzeria is filled with ghosts, body bag monsters and haunted arcade cabinets that are keen to make you a very ex-employee.

The pizza parlour of No Delivery is split into different areas (restroom, lobby, arcade, etc.), which you unlock as you play. There’s lots to discover as you explore, including creepy NPCs, useful loot and “Dead Ends”. If you come across a Dead End then it transports you to a randomly generated dungeon where you battle ghosts and monsters in turn based combat. If you complete the Dead End then you’ll move on to the next day but if you fail you’ll die and restart as a new randomly selected character. Each new character you play as has their own stats and character class (Waiter, Security Guard, Mascot), each with their own unique skills.

It’s a great twist on the traditional RPG adventure, with stylish pixel art visuals, a very creepy atmosphere and lots of weird and freaky stuff to discover around every corner. No Delivery‘s haunted pizza parlour is a very interesting setting and the fact that your characters are expendable is a nice touch. A fast food horror RPG well worth taking a bite out of (though it may take a bite out of you!)

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)

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  1. I love everything about this, please if you guys make a kickstarter i ll be sure to pay extra i would love to have a full 5 hours min experience of this kind of game :))

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