No Lims – Alpha Demo

No Lims is a meditative experimental puzzle action game in which you guide a gooey little snake around abstract levels interacting and transforming it in different ways.

Playing a little like Soft Body (the developers award winning previous game), No Lims sees you guiding a snake around its stylish minimalist game world. There are no instructions, you’re simply left to your own devices as you figure out how to interact with the game world. Some objects are hazardous, some objects you can move and some objects you can transform. Things start off pretty easily, feeling more like a cool interactive playtoy than a game, but once the hazards are introduced things can get a lot more challenging.

It’s great fun exploring and experimenting with the game world of No Lims as you figure out its rules and how to interact with it. It can get pretty tough later on, but it still feels like a very chilled out and meditative experience (even when you’re failing badly!)

Play The No Lims Alpha Demo Here (Browser)