No Longer Home – Beta Demo

No Longer Home is a beautiful and melancholic narrative-driven adventure tinged with a little magical oddity, that follows two non-binary students as they say goodbye to the life they’ve built together.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2018, No Longer Home is a narrative driven adventure that follows the story of Bo and Ao. They’re two non-binary students who have built a life together, but must now say goodbye to each other and their apartment as they face an uncertain future. Ao it due to travel back to Japan due to Visa limitations and Bo is preparing for post-university life. The game follows the pair as they pack away their lives, reminisce about old memories and look to the future. Oh, and there’s also the small matter of a weird animal-like multi-eyed extradimensional flatmate called Lu who moves in too!

The current build of No Longer Home features an updated version of the short Friary Road prologue that we covered back in 2018 and a whole new demo of the actual No Longer Home game. The Friary Road prologue is as beautiful as ever and plays out like a visual novel as Ao and Bo sit under the stars and chat about life. The main demo section has more of a point and click adventure style interface (though there are no puzzles) and sees you exploring Ao and Bo’s apartment and getting to know about their lives.

Each scene in No Longer Home is a beautifully crafted little diorama that you can rotate to allow you to see and interact with more objects. You don’t get to see Lu in the demo but there are a few moments of uncanny oddity that add a little Sci-Fi fantasy into the mix.

It’s a beautifully crafted game with gorgeous visuals, an interesting story and a soundtrack that makes you feel like something magical is just about to happen. The Sci-Fi/fantasy element is very intriguing, but it’s the realistic characters and dialogue that really draw you in. They’re dealing with real-life troubles in a very real way and they feel like people, not just characters in a video game. It makes for a very heartfelt and touching experience with a touch of the light fantastic. Highly recommended.

Download No Longer Home Here (Steam)