No Longer Home: Friary Road – Kickstarter Demo

No Longer Home: Friary Road is a beautiful, contemplative and magical little interactive narrative experience that sees you joining the last two people at a barbecue as they sit outside and talk about life, the universe and everything.

No Longer Home: Friary Road is a prequel to No Longer Home (currently on Kickstarter) and sees you joining university students Ao and Bo as they sit outside and chat. They’re the only two people left after a barbecue and spend the time getting to know each other better, talking about their plans, their worries, sexuality, their family, the looming threat of adult life and the vastness of the universe.

Refreshingly there’s no romance involved in No Longer Home: Friary Road, it’s just two people chatting at the end of the night. The writing is excellent, with each character talking honestly and openly. It feels like you’re eavesdropping on a real conversation (albeit one that might place after a few beers or a couple of joints) between two real people, rather than characters in a video game. They seem like best friends that have known each other for years, but as the dev also quotes from Kentucky Route Zero “talking to a stranger can sometimes be like talking to an old friend, and vice versa.”

The full game will be more of a point and click adventure so will have more actual gameplay, but as limited as the gameplay is in Friary Road is, it’s a magical little experience well worth checking out. The artwork is excellent and the dialogue is superb. Pull up a chair and join Ao and Bo as they chat under the stars.

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