No Mario’s Sky – Game Jam Build

no mario's sky download

No Mario’s Sky is a marvelous mash-up of No Man’s Sky and Super Mario Bros in which you can pilot your ship to an infinite amount of randomly generated planets populated by some very odd looking randomly generated Goombas!

Ever wanted to explore an infinite universe, land on planets, collect coins and jump on the heads of local wildlife? Well now you can! No Mario’s Sky gives you complete freedom to explore an infinite number of Mario planets, each of which feature unique Goomba’s to squash, coins to collect and randomized music scores.

There are a few rough edges (Mario’s movement could do with a bit of refinement), but considering No Mario’s Sky was made in just 72 hours for Ludum Dare 36, they can easily be forgiven. It’s a fun game that takes No Man’s Sky’s procedurally generated exploration and injects a welcome dose of classic Mario gameplay. Well worth checking out for some interplanetary platforming!

Note:  You may want to grab this one quick before Nintendo’s lawyers jump on it!

Check Out a No Mario’s Sky Gameplay Video Here

UPDATE: No Mario’s Sky Is No Longer Available, But The Devs Have Released No DMCA’s Sky Instead (Which Is Even Better!)