No More Probes – Alpha Download

no more probes

It’s not what you think, there’s a lot more going on behind that odd title, and we’ve barely scratched the surface with developer Nelson Atmos’ chaotic title, No More Probes. Essentially, you’re a crazy hobo in a junkyard trying to build earth’s last defense from aliens raining from the sky.

You have a strange machine that serves as a platform for you to build your defenses while you run around the junkyard collecting parts to contribute to your last stand (you’re literally supposedly the last living human). We’re not yet sure what you could hope to accomplish, even if you defeat the alien invasion, but after playing the Alpha you might learn that you want to stick around to see what happens. The game already features a wacky assortment of elements like teleporters, night time lighting, and a Sarlacc-like creature (hint: use it to lure your pursuers to their demise!), and the developer is running off of donations to keep the effort alive.

No More Probes plays like a tower defense game with rogue-like elements that fuel the gameplay. With crazy alien robots, hailing probes, and the ability to sift through junk and build Earth’s last hope all on your own, NMP has the potential to shape up into a robust title with a wealth of features and more in-depth gameplay. The art and animation is already well polished, and the basic idea is well-conveyed in this early alpha. This project will be off to a slow start, but we may see a crowdfunding campaign in the future to up the pace of the development life in the near future!

Download the Alpha or Play it in a Browser HERE