No Sun to Worship – Alpha Download

No Sun to Worship is a Metal Gear Solid inspired stealth action game where you sneak into heavily guarded facilities and punish the guilty.

Currently in development by Antonio Freyre (creator of The Chameleon), No Sun to Worship is a stealth action adventure set in a desolate future where the skies have been painted grey by mankind’s warfare. It seems that aliens have since arrived, but they offered no aid, they merely looked down on mankind in Judgement.

The stealth action gameplay in No Sun to Worship is pretty similar to the classic Metal Gear Solid PS1 games. The current build sees you sneaking into a facility to execute three prisoners. There are multiple routes and different ways you can deal with enemies – from avoiding them altogether to executing them all. It’s always best to avoid a direct firefight, but you do have the means to fight back if it comes to that.

There are a few minor issues in the current build – the ladder climbing is very slow for some reason and the guns only really do any serious damage with headshots. Aside from that though, it’s a very promising game. It’s got a great retro visual style, there’s a nice variety of stealth options and the kills are satisfyingly graphic. A stealth action adventure well worth sneaking into.

Check Out a No Sun to Worship Gameplay Video Here

Download The No Sun to Worship Alpha Here (Windows)