No Way Out? – Game Jam Build

No Way Out

No Way Out?, a game created by ERKBerg for the MiniLD #58, is a short and surprising little game that is very simplistic in its design but may have a deeper meaning depending on the gamer.

The game is straight forward, life starts out as nothingness. The powers that be decide to change this and bring in new ‘laws’ that will govern your existence. Soon though, after ‘they’ appear, you soon realize what you are and where you are.  The game then gives you a choice of action, the question is what will you do with this new found power?

The game itself is very enjoyable. A lack of colour makes your surrounds seem lifeless and meaningless, leaving you to believe that you’re life as the ball is set in stone. The game can blow your mind at the end, as you question if the game had a greater meaning attached (as discussed in the video below). If you love a mind bender with simple design and quick gameplay, then this game is right up your narrow alley!

Download No Way Out? Here (Win, Mac & Linux)