No Way Out – Open Beta

no way out

No Way Out is a great looking new multiplayer top down shooter that pits five teams of three players against each other as they battle to make their way off an island before it’s nuked.

Set in a desolate future, where the earths resources are nearly all spent, soldiers fight for CEO’s of huge mega-corporations in exchange for cash.  Matches last around 15 minutes, and only one of he five teams will be able to escape the island before the nuke hits.

There are four different character types at present, from a nano-augmented sniper to a monstrous mech, each with their own weaponry, special attacks and passive abilities.  It’s a good looking game, with fast paced combat and the five teams fighting against each other makes for a novel take on multiplayer arena combat.

The Beta will take place from today (12pm EST/6pm GMT), until Monday the 6th of July (12pm EST/6pm GMT), so if you fancy finding out if there is a way out of No Way Out, join up now!

Note:  You’ll need a Beta Key to access the game, but fear not, the devs have sent us a multi-use key so all ABG followers can join in:  FG14-25TK-1715

UPDATE: Beta No Longer Available

8 thoughts on “No Way Out – Open Beta”

    • Hi! It definitely works, we’ve checked it out (twice). Make sure you click the activation link in the email they send you (check your junk mail if you don’t see it). :)

  1. Hi, whenever i try to enter my email into the registration box it tells me my email does not “fit the format”. is there a specific site you have to use (aol, live, gmail, etc…) or am i just missing something?

    • Hi Alex. Sorry you’re having issues inputting your email address. I’m unsure what the problem could be. I used a Hotmail account to register, but it should work on with all email addresses. Perhaps try again from an alternate email account. :)

  2. Around what times are people actually playing from what any of you have seen? Can’t find anyone at all to play with.

    • Hi, sorry about the lack of people online, it’s always an issue when starting up a new online multiplayer game. I’ve contacted the dev and it should be busiest around 1PM to 6PM (EDT) and from 2PM to 4PM (EDT) on Sunday. They’re also expecting there to be another influx of players next weekend too. :)

      • Thank you for the reply, that’s good to hear. This game looks very interesting and it’s a bit frustrating not being able to play it simply due to lack of players.

        • Hi,
          I’m part of the dev team. We’re sorry you had trouble to find players, that shouldn’t be a problem now ;)

          If you’re still interested, we open the servers Thursday July 16, 7-9PM (EDT) / 4-6PM (PDT).

          New features, content and even a new character to try out. See you on the battlefield!

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