Nobody’s Story – Game Jam Build

Nobody’s Story is a strange and surreal psychedelic adventure where your character takes mind altering drugs to escape the monotony of his daily life.

In Nobody’s Story you follow the life of a normal working man who lives a dull, monotonous life which involves him just waking up, getting dressed and going to work all day. Each day is boring and repetitive, but one day you find a strange blue pill on the road, should you eat it? Are you sure?

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, there are some wonderfully weird twists along the way as you go on your short psychedelic adventure. It’s an interesting game with some clever little touches – such as the way the whole world looks even worse than before when the drugs are wearing off and you’re in withdrawl. However, continuing to take the drugs may not be a great idea either…

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Nobody’s Story Here (Windows)