Noctem – Kickstarter Demo

Noctem is a tense and atmospheric first person haunted house adventure where you search for your twin sister in your old family house, which has some very creepy decor.

After being away in England for the past seven years, you have now returned to your family home in Alaska in search of your twin sister who has gone missing. While you were away both of your parents died, so it’s only your sister and you left. In Noctem you’ll discover the many secrets the old house holds and get to the bottom of what happened to your sister.

The current build of Noctem features around 20 minutes of gameplay and sees you arriving at the house, starting a fire in the fireplace and searching for any clues about what’s gone on in the house. There’s a bit of a Gone Home vibe about the game, with the environment doing a lot of the storytelling, but with much more of a focus on the horror element.

What is perhaps most notable about Noctem is how detailed the environment is. It seems that your family were hoarders as there is clutter all over the place and someone was clearly a keen artist as there are beautifully painted (but very creepy) paintings everywhere. The paintings really put you on edge as you play, as the majority of them are portraits and they all look like they’re looking at you from the shadows.

It’s an impressive game with a great sense of atmosphere and interesting environment to explore. You certainly wouldn’t want to live in that house, but it’s a fascinating place to explore.

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