Nocturnal – Beta Demo

Nocturnal is a beautiful hand drawn 2D action adventure where a soldier uses a sacred flame to fight the shadowy monsters that lurk in a malevolent mist that’s enshrouded his homeland.

Currently in development by Sunnyside Games (creators of Towga: Among Shadows), Nocturnal is a very stylish action adventure set on an island that’s been corrupted by a mysterious mist. As you attempt to banish the mist from the land you’ll explore the island, solve puzzles, discover secrets and battle enemy soldiers and corrupted monsters.

You do have a sword which you can use to battle normal enemies, but to fight the shadowy enemies or inflict burn damage on normal enemies you’ll need to set your sword on fire. You do this by attacking an open flame. This allows your sword to burn for a limited time and you can also use your flaming sword to light unlit lamps.

The story doesn’t feel particularly engaging at the moment, but visually Nocturnal is very impressive and the combat is fast, fun and strategic. Also, the flaming sword mechanics work really well and allow for some very creatively designed puzzles. A fiery action adventure with challenging combat and creative puzzles.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Nocturnal Beta Demo Here (Steam)