Nocturnum – Beta Download


Nocturnum is a fun and fast paced top-down shooter with tower defense elements set on a beautiful and deadly alien landscape of eternal darkness.

You play as Luna, an agent of Lustre Corp, sent to investigate the shadowy planet. Explore, Collect Resources, Build Structures, Power Up, and Survive.  Luna is capable of materializing structures called Terminals to unlock combat enhancements in order for her to complete objectives effectively.  Make your way through the darkness of Nocturnum where you encounter creatures that meld with the shadows. 

Game play is fast and frantic with a satisfying array of weaponry to defeny yourself with and the ability to build defensive structures on-the-fly without interupting the flow of the game.  The shadowy alien world is a beautiful and dangerous place to explore, full of weird and wonderful creatures keen to make you their lunch – In Nocturnum, you definitley should be afraid of the dark.

Update: Beta No Longer Available