Noir Storm – Alpha Demo

Noir Storm is a film noir pixel art point and click adventure that follows a PI as he attempts to unravel a Nazi plot to unleash a weapon of mass destrucion.

Taking place in Buenos Aires city 1952 Noir Storm is an old school point and click adventure that follows a gumshoe as he takes on the biggest case of his life. It draws inspiration from Lucasarts classics and modern adventures such as The Wolf Among Us and the Blackwell series as you unravel its mystery/thriller narrative.

The Noir Storm demo features around 45 minutes of gameplay and starts with you playing as one of the Nazi’s henchmen then switches to takeing control of the main character. It plays much like a Lucasarts classic, but with a more serious mystery/thriller narrative and an ability to use clues in your notebook.

It’s a very promising old school point and click adventure with an intuitive interface, high quality pixel art, well designed puzzles and great voice acting. It could perhaps do with a touch more humor, but even as it stands this case is off to a great start. Highly recommended.

Download The Noir Storm Alpha Demo Here (Windows)