Noir Storm – Beta Demo

Noir Storm is a classic point and click adventure game where a detective unravels a conspiracy in a corrupt city.

In Noir Storm you follow the story of a detective called Daniel Leone, whose partner has mysteriously gone missing. You’ll need to chase down leads, meet shady characters and solve puzzles as you attempt to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

The demo build of Noir Storm is split into two sections, one where you play a henchman who’s setting up a trap for Leone, and another where you play as Leone himself. It plays very much like a traditional point and click adventure, with you chatting to other characters, searching for useful objects and using them to solve puzzles.

At the moment the voice acting is much stronger in the first half of the demo than the second (unfortunately as the quality of the Daniel Leone character’s voice recordings are a little hit and miss). Other than that though, it’s a very promising game with great puzzle design, excellent pixel art animation and a cool noir setting. An old school point and click adventure with a cool noir vibe.

Download The Noir Storm Beta Demo Here (Windows & Linux)