noitanigami – Game Jam Build

noitanigami is a fantastic hand drawn point and click adventure that blends aliens, gardening and Halloween as you help a little alien deal with some visitors.

Featuring a wonderfully weird hand drawn art style that feels like a blend of the works of Terry Gilliam and Tim Burton, noitanigami is a fantastic little point and click adventure full of surreal surprises, Sci-Fi oddity and spooky delights. In the game you help a little alien as he tries to deal with some visitors who are approaching his planet. The way you go about this is pretty weird and involves gathering and placing ingredients into a bizarre cauldron-esque contraption that powers up as you go.

noitanigami was made by the developer of the excellent T(rip) and it uses a similar interface, puzzle design and inventory system. The inventory system takes a little getting used to but it’s pretty intuitive – everything you pick up is held up on-screen by bats and you just grab the object and drop it where you want to use it. Some of the puzzles can be a little tricky, but you can usually muddle through with a bit of experimentation and careful observation. Of particular note is the way the world changes as you play, sometimes subtly and sometimes dramatically, but it’ll usually open up new objects for you to interact with.

This is the second game we’ve covered by Bits @and Crafts, and although noitanigami and T(rip) have a very different tones, both are superb twists on the traditional point and click adventure. noitanigami’s surreal otherworldly setting is a joy to explore and experiment with, the artwork is superb and the ending is particularly delightful. Highly recommended.

Note: There are a couple of bugs that can crash the game. The dev is fixing them but for now, don’t give the snail the eye twice and don’t change scene while inventory item is flying back to the bat.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download noitanigami Here (Windows & Mac)