Noizy – Game Jam Build Download

Noizy Game

Noizy, a short and stylish action platformer made for the Ludum Dare 38, has you fighting your way through a mysterious dark rotating 2.5D world!

In Noizy you control a tiny adventurer who can shoot a laser through your eye. This laser is powerful enough to beat any enemies – as long as you are able to hit them a couple of times. The world design is very cool – allowing you to rotate the 3D game world but still traverse it like a 2D platformer (a little like Fez). Sometimes items from the background platforms can appear as if they are on the plane you are on – however they stay blacked out to avoid any confusion.

As you work your way up through each level, you will have to activate buttons and avoid red goo. Some enemies are just looking to walk into you, others stay in place and need to be shot before you come in contact with them. The levels of Noizy aren’t too difficult, however, the showdown at the end can be quite difficult…

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Download Noizy Here (Windows)