NORCO – Beta Demo

NORCO is a beautiful, atmospheric and detail-rich Southern Gothic Sci-Fi point and click adventure set within the suburbs and industrial swamplands of Louisiana.

In NORCO you find yourself returning to your hometown following the death of your mother. Your brother has gone missing and it seems that your hometown is a little worse for wear, with machines taking people’s jobs and the looming presence of an expanding petrochemical facility. Your mother actually spent a lot of her life investigating the petrochemical company and it seems like maybe by the end she’d managed to dig up a little dirt…

As you explore your hometown you meet some friendly (and unfriendly) faces, chat to them, solve minor puzzles and play Simon-esque sequence repeating minigames to carry out certain activities (such as fighting or pulling off a convincing lie). It’s a very intense and atmospheric experience, but there are some moments of levity, such as when you run into an arrogant director that’s shooting a scene or when you get a cat so excited that it launches into orbit.

The Southern Gothic Sci-Fi world of NORCO is incredibly rich, and really allows you to immerse yourself in the experience. This is thanks not only to the beautiful visuals and electric soundscapes, but the quality and detail of the writing. You really feel like the characters you meet have lived there their whole lives and they’ve just come to accept the deep feeling of doom and futility hanging over their town. Hopefully you’ll be able to help them out a little. Highly recommended.

Download the NORCO Beta Demo Here (Steam)