Nor’easter – Prototype Download

Nor’easter is a wonderfully weird and beautifully drawn point and click adventure that’s full of silly humor and odd characters to meet as a Jackalope explores a bizarre fantasy world.

In the full game of Nor’easter you will follow the adventures of a good-hearted Jackalope called Jack and a rather grumpy lumberjack called Jacob as they go on a multi-layered adventure through a beautiful hand drawn fantasy world. The current prototype features around 15 minutes of gameplay and sees Jack attempting to catch the Sun and the Moon in a jar for a quirky character who it “definitely not a moth”.

It could do with voiced dialogue, but other than that the Nor’easter prototype is a joy to play. It’s got a wonderfully silly and surreal Python-esque sense of humor with some laugh out loud lines of dialogue from the characters that you converse with. The puzzles are well implemented and artwork is excellent too, with a visual style that makes it look like a children’s’ storybook has come to life. A magical and mirth-filled adventure well worth checking out.

Note: If you get the error “There should be ‘Nor’easter Demo_Data’ folder next to the executable”, then just change the name of the folder “Noreaster demo final 10.10.18_Data” to “Nor’easter Demo_Data” and it’ll work fine.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Nor’easter Prototype Here (Windows)