Northstar Courier – Prototype Download

Northstar Courier is a weird and wholesome PS1 styled third person horror adventure where a delivery worker searches for cryptids in a strange little town.

Currently in development by Drury Iain (who created the music for Peeb’s Adventure), Northstar Courier is a retro styled third person adventure where you deliver packages and search for cryptids in a charming, but weird little town. You have just moved to the area and you drive around on an old rusty scooter, with an aim of delivering three packages every day.

All the inhabitants of the town are friendly and are happy to chat about any strange cryptid sightings they’ve had. This can help give you a few pointers as to where to search for the cryptids and when you see one you just take out your camera and snap a pic of it to make it vanish. There are 13 cryptids to find in total, often in some odd places, and there are a few more little secrets hidden in the game too that are well worth checking out.

It’s a wonderful little game with quirky characters and a vibrant, weird and welcoming game world that’s a real joy to explore. Some of the bigger cryptids are particularly impressive and it takes some wild twists towards the end. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Northstar Courier Prototype Here (Windows)