Nosgoth – Open Beta

Nosgoth open beta

Nosgoth – the Square Enix online multiplayer action game set in the Legacy of Kain universe, is having an Open Beta weekend on Steam this weekend (7th Aug to 10th Aug).  The full Open Beta will be starting this Winter, so this weekend will be a taster of things to come.  Everyone that plays during the free Open Beta weekend will be rewarded with Double XP as well as an exclusive in-game badge.

Nosgoth is set after the events of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and takes place during a war between vampires and mankind.  Each faction has different skill sets, humans focus on ranged attacks and traps, while vampires have greater mobility and wall climbing skills to help them sneak up on their victim for a melee kill.

There’s also a wide range of character customisation, equipment and weapons to spec out your human/vampire with.  It’s a fun game, with fast, varied and violent combat.  In Nosgoth there are plenty of ways to kill or be killed, all of them delightfully brutal.

Watch the Open Beta Announcement Video HERE

For full details check out the FAQ HERE