(Not) A Love Story – Alpha Download

(Not) A Love Story is a creepy and surreal pixel art horror game set within a P.T.-esque looping corridor where you need to find keys to unlock the doors.

In (Not) A Love Story you follow the adventure of a man who is trapped inside a mysterious loop inside his own house. You’ll need to solve puzzles and find keys to open your front door. But each time you go through the door you loop back to where you started and the house alters a little (or a lot!)

It’s hard to make out much of a narrative at the moment (it will be fleshed out in future installments), but already (Not) A Love Story really impresses with its excellent pixel artwork, unsettling atmosphere and inventive puzzles. There’s a real sense of trepidation each time you open a door and there are some well executed little scares along the way.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the (Not) A Love Story Alpha Here (Windows)