Not Involved – Alpha Demo

Not Involved is a beautifully illustrated dark fantasy visual novel where a doctor makes meaningful sacrifices as he travels the land and takes care of patients.

In Not Involved you are a doctor who lives in a strange dark fantasy land that’s filled with monsters (some friendly and some not so friendly). The current build features the first chapter of the game and sees you going on a house call to a rather disturbed patient.

Travelling round the world is done by catching a ride on a huge worm creature that feeds off memories. You’ll need to choose which of your memories to sacrifice to the worm. It’s a poignant sacrifice and in the full game you’ll make more sacrifices as you’re beaten, ostracized and even dismembered.

Not Involved really looks set to raise the bar for visual novels. The artwork is stunning, the soundtrack is beautiful and the world is fascinating. Each new person you meet is packed full of character and really helps bring its dark fantasy world to life. Highly recommended.

Download or Play The Not Involved Alpha Demo Here (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)