Not Tonight 2 – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

We have 2,500 Steam Beta keys to give away for Not Tonight 2 – a politically-charged narrative-driven adventure where three bouncers take a road-trip across an alternate right wing America to save their friend from a Miami gulag.

A sequel to the 2018 original which took place in an alternate post-Brexit Britain, Not Tonight 2 instead takes place in an alternate right wing version of America that’s fuelled by capitalism and political greed (no not hugely “alternate”). In the game one of your friends has been arrested in Miami during a protest and is now awaiting processing for an immigration enforcement case. You now need to take a road-trip across America to deliver his documents on time before he’s deported.

The three characters you play as are all bouncers and will need to work the doors of various clubs, churches, race tracks, casinos and cults to earn money as they progress through their road trip. This requires the checking of IDs and completing minigames, ranging from rhythm games to word association or checking chickens. Along the way you’ll make some tough decisions and come face to face with some of the more unpleasant aspects of American society.

The Not Tonight 2 Beta is live now, to join in just carry out any two actions in the giveaway widget below and your key will appear instantly!

Not Tonight 2 – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

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