Note of the Day – Alpha Demo

Note of the Day is a tense and atmospheric PT inspired first person psychological horror game where everyone on Earth has vanished, leaving you all alone.

In Note of the Day you awaken to find that everyone has vanished and you’re left alone with no one to talk to. You walk through a PT-esque looping corridor and as you do you find hastily scrawled notes left by someone else. In true PT fashion, there’s also some creepy phenomenon occurring in the corridor that will freak you out as your progress.

There has been a bit of a glut of sub-par PT clones over the years, but Note of the Day is a particularly promising take on the formula. The premise of being the last person on Earth is very intriguing and the atmosphere is so thick you could cut it with a knife. There are no huge scares in the current build but there are some great touches, such as the weird black stuff that floats in the air and the way you have to use a camera flash to help you navigate in the dark. Well worth checking out for a bit of creepy looping corridor fun.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Note of the Day Alpha Demo Here (Windows)