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Nothing is a quirky little puzzle platformer where EVERYTHING is a collectable upgrade – including sound FX, jumping and even moving left.

Created for Ludum Dare 45, in Nothing you start the game with nothing – no sound and a character that can’t move in any direction. However, as you progress you collect upgrades which flesh out you abilities and your experience. These upgrades start off fairly normal, such as allowing you to move left, but soon get more crazy (and funnier).

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, it’s a fun little game with a great sense of humor, beautiful pixel art animation, challenging gameplay and a delightfully quirky premise. There’s one major feature that you don’t get until near the end of the game that really affects how you play the game and makes you approach the platforming in a very unique way. Good luck!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Nothing Here (Win, Mac & Linux)

3 thoughts on “Nothing – Game Jam Build Download”

  1. Hi Folks! Loving the game, not loving the lack of credit for the use of my version of “Girl From Ipanema”.

    No permission was given for this, and although I do not hold the copyright for the original song, my version is uniquely identifiable. Please add a link to the video to this page and the Gameplay video on Youtube to help another fellow content creator!

    I would also be more than happy to consult regarding original music for your games.

    • Hi! We’re a website that reviews games, we don’t actually make them. You can contact the dev via the link to the download page at the bottom of the article. The game was created for Ludum dare and the dev did credit you on his Ludum Dare page but must have forgotten to add it to his page. We’ll happily add a link in the YouTube playthough video though. It’s a great song! Awesome work! :)

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