Nowhere, MI – Alpha Demo

Nowhere, MI is an absurdist retro styled first person metroidvania adventure where you search for your brother in a town that’s filled with weird secrets.

Currently in development by Feverdream Johnny (creator of Lets Go! Baby! Friends World and Peeb Adventures), Nowhere, MI is a first person metroidvania set in a mysterious town that was home to an experimental reactor detonation. To say the reactor detonation has had a strange effect on the town is a bit of an understatement – it’s filled with wizards, old age babies, talking monkeys, shadow creatures and all manner of other oddities.

As you explore the town and search for your missing brother you’ll talk to the locals, unlock new skills, discover secrets and battle powerful bosses. Thankfully you’ll have some assistance on your journey, in the form of a weird talking gun called Concord, who not only is useful for shooting stuff, but claims to have seen your brother somewhere in the town.

The Nowhere, MI demo build features a sizeable chunk of the world to explore and is jam-packed full of secrets and weird NPCs to meet. There’s a good sense of progression, with you unlocking new skills at a nice rate and there are even some familiar faces from some of Feverdream Johnny’s other games to say hi to. None of it makes a lick of sense, but that’s part of the fun and you never know what weird rabbit hole you’ll dive down next. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Feverdream Johnny Alpha Demo Here (Windows)