Nubs’ Adventure – Alpha Demo

nubs adventure

Nubs’ Adventure is a charming pixel art exploratory 2D platformer, full of wonderful surprises and diverse puzzles that reward lateral thinking.

You play an instantly likeable character called Nub, who may not look like much, but actually has a surprisingly large set of skills – including the ability to control certain objects and creatures (including the giant worm above), each with their own control scheme.  It seems like you’re always finding something new Nub can do as he embarks on his adventure in a world that’s a joy to explore, full of mystery, danger and surprises, all rendered with a fantastic pixel art graphical style.

Nubs’ Adventure is still early in development, so there are a couple of issues (no music score is implemented yet and some small intractable objects are hard to notice) but it’s certainly shaping up to be an excellent game.  The extensive Alpha Demo will take at least an hour to complete, and during it’s playtime it impresses with it’s charm, innovative puzzle design, unique gameplay features and giant flying worms!

Download the Nubs’ Adventure Alpha Demo HERE