Nuclear Business – Game Jam Build Download


Nuclear Business is a wonderfully destructive little game created by Landfall Games (CLUSTERTRUCK & Totally Accurate Battle Simulator), in which you demolish cities with an aim of propelling the rubble at businessmen.

In each level of Nuclear Business you can choose the landing spot for a highly destructive nuclear missile. You have a businessman that you must assassinate BUT you don’t want to just aim the missile directly at him – you have to cause an explosion that will propel rubble towards your target and kill him indirectly. The more buildings you destroy before you kill the businessman, the more points you’ll be awarded – so the art lies in targeting the explosion as far away as possible whilst still having a chance of killing your target.

Nuclear Business is a simple game jam prototype at the moment, but hopefully Landfall Games will continue to work on it as it’s core gameplay is great fun. A strangely addictive bit of low poly rubble-propelling assassination (and blowing sh*t up is always fun!)

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available