Null is Zero – Game Jam Build Download

Null is Zero is a cleverly crafted and surprisingly tricky little puzzler that is essentially Baba is You, but with numbers.

Created for Ludum Dare 45, in each level of Null is Zero your aim is to create an equation that equals the number next to the Equality Operator (“==”). You control the blue cube and can shift around the various numbers and operators to try and create the desired equation. In any equation you create, the square on the right side of the “=” sign will automatically change to the correct value – so if you have “5X2=” then no matter what number the block is you put on the right side of the equals sign then it will turn into a “10”.

It’s a clever twist on the Baba is You formula that makes for some surprisingly complex puzzles. There are only five levels to play through, but the last two can take a little time. See if you can balance the numbers in this inventive little puzzler!

Download Null is Zero Here (Windows)