Null Vector – Beta Download

Null Vector is an addictive retro roguelike twin stick shooter with challenging gameplay, permadeath, stackable weapon upgrades and cool vector-styled visuals.

Null Vector plays a little like a bend of retro twin stick arcade blasting action and Binding of Isaac-style procedurally generated dungeon crawling. In each level you attempt to navigate a randomly generated network of kill rooms populated by an increasingly challenging selection of enemies, while collecting loot and upgrades as you go. The upgrades that you collect are stackable, allowing for thousands of possible combinations, making each run unique as you blast your way through its randomly generated neon cyberspace.

It’s still in development, but Null Vector already offers slick, stylish and fun fast paced arcade shooting gameplay that has that addictive Binding of Isaac-style “just one more run” factor. Neon-filled roguelike arcade action with plenty of replayability.

Download The Null Vector Beta Here (Steam)